How important is gender equality in sports?

June 1, 2022

Sports today are not only spectacular competitions and games that unite all of humanity. Recently, the international sports community has been increasingly involved in solving urgent humanitarian problems. Undoubtedly, the unique possibilities of sport – authority and huge potential in the modern world allow it to be used to promote humanitarian values and ideals. Today, humanitarian activities in sports are diverse and cover various areas. The activity of the sports community in solving the problems of gender equality is quite diverse, multifaceted, and deserves attention as an original example of international cooperation in the humanitarian sphere. One of the most critical gender issues that were addressed in the 20th century was the participation of women in the Olympic Games. The problems of modern sports and gender aspects of the sports movement are also discussed at major international summits prepared by authoritative international organizations and become a topic for writing student assignments. Modern students are required to write gender equality in sport essay because, in recent years, the problems of gender equality have increasingly become a topic of a scientific field. 

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  • The introduction reveals the essence and rationale for choosing a topic. At this stage, it is essential to correctly formulate the question to which you will find the answer.
  • The main part is the answer to the question. One paragraph contains the thesis, proof, illustrations, and conclusion, partly the answer to the question. In the main part, you need to express your point of view and argue it.
  • In conclusion, the main ideas of the main part are summarized, leading to the intended answer to the question or the stated point of view.

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