Build Muscle Fast Using a 4-Day Workout Split For Strength Training

This 4-Day Workout Splits combines muscular-blasting intense workouts with optimal recovery periods to increase your muscle gain. Here is what the program looks like.


Days 1 to 5: The first two days will feature intense workouts that burn a lot of calories and are targeted toward gaining mass quickly. This includes power lifting exercises such as squats, bench presses, shoulder press, and dead lifts. However, you should always work out with a spotter or a personal trainer to ensure that your body stays as safe as possible while building mass.

Days 6 to 10: The second week of the four-day splits features slightly less intense workouts. You’ll still focus on gaining lean mass, but you’ll also work out to help your recovery process. You have to keep you fitness motivation level high. You’ll continue your high-intensity workouts, but they won’t be nearly as intense as the previous weeks.

Days 11 to 15: On days eleven to fifteen you can rest and relax, while the next four days of your plan are high-volume workouts. The workouts will be more intense, but they won’t be as exhausting. These days will focus primarily on building mass, while the last two days focus on burning calories.

Days 30 to 40: The final four days of the four-day splits are specifically designed to help you burn the most calories. They will feature very intense workouts but are low intensity enough not to make you feel tired or overwhelmed.

You will have three more days at home before heading back to your gym, so you’ll want to schedule your program ahead of time to maximize the results. You should also take the time to set up a proper nutrition plan as well, including a healthy breakfast.

4 day splits routine for strength training:

If you’re looking to increase your workout and muscle size then you should consider trying a 4 day workout split for strength training. You will improve your workout effectiveness, get rid of boredom and burn the most calories during the week, and increase your muscle mass at the same time.

Don’t skimp on your health and get in the best shape of your life by skipping a workout, especially if you need to put on pounds or build muscle fast for a competition. This is the only way you can get the results you desire and avoid getting injured.

When you get started it may seem overwhelming to get all of the gear and equipment you’ll need, but you’ll quickly find that a great workout is easy once you have it. The trick is to choose the right workout that’s going to give you the results you want. Also you need give your body relax and massage. Then stick with it for four days and make sure to adjust the intensity of your routine for each day.

If you need to put on a lot of muscle and want to gain a large amount of lean mass then you should use a full-body workout. When building muscle, you’re going to need to focus on a few different muscle groups each day to keep yourself from getting bored. On days one through four, just focus on working your chest and shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

On days five through seven focus on your legs and thighs. Then, on day eight work your abdominals, quads, calves, calves, and calves again.

Don’t forget to eat on the days that you train because you will lose weight in these days. It’s better to work harder but not burn as many calories than to eat too much and gain weight, too quickly.

After four days, you’ll need to eat right. Make sure to snack on the days you are eating properly to ensure you are getting the nutrients that you need.