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coming soon….. FC Boston, Inc.


Bolts will be fielding competitive teams in each age group for the US Youth Futsal […]


First, short info about FC Boston. FC Boston was created as a result of a 2015 merger combining the complementary strengths of Scorpions SC and FC Greater Boston Bolts.  FC Boston’s broad footprint which stretches from central MA eastward to the coast and from southern NH into RI, will attract players from the most populous and competitive playing fields in New England.  FC Boston has enrolled almost 2000 players and will manage 130+ boys & girls teams age U9 to U19 and is the only club in New England with membership in the US Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) and Elite Club National League (ECNL).  In addition to those two pre-eminent leagues in the US, FC Boston also has membership in the National Premier League (NPL) and New England Premiership (NEP).

FC Boston is organized into separate geographic areas: North, MetroWest, Central, South, and Southeast of Boston as well as Boston itself to ensure that players in all regions have full access to FC Boston’s expertise and programs.



The merger was inspired by a very compelling strategic logic and came together in June.  Brian Ainscough will oversee boys programs and Fred Marks will oversee girls programs as Executive Directors of the club.  

Essay About “Why Soccer Is The Best Sport?”

There are cases when love for soccer helps not only win matches, be fit and be liked by girls but also to get a scholarship and earn money while studying. However, in order to do this, you are required to write the “why soccer is the best sport” essay. And in case it seems difficult for you, we’ve prepared some tips on how to do it quickly and easily.

Favorite sport essay writing

Usually, sportsmen are busy enough, so they don’t have much time for a professional sport essay. Such guys and girls prefer mastering their skills to sitting at home writing boring essays. 

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What to write in “why soccer is the best sport” essay

This is a brief example of how your “why soccer is the best sport” essay could look like. You can write your own one using the plot of this text or just note some points:

“To start my “why soccer is the best sport” essay, I would like to note that in Brazil, people like their  own styles. In Argentina, it’s Argentinian. In Italy – Italian, etc. There are no games that have such a diversity in how it can be played. Soccer, like no other sport, emphasizes the national features of the game of a particular team. The presence of a large number of players from other countries in national teams and legionnaires in clubs undermines the popularity of soccer.

Soccer is an important political factor. Soccer players raise the prestige of their country. The most important matches between the national teams of the countries are perceived by the public as a battle and partially satisfy the thirst for war inherent in humanity.

In soccer, collectivism plays an important role. So, its principle – “one for all and all for one” – absolutely fits into the European understanding of collectivism and contradicts the Asian understanding of: “one for all – yes, but all for one – no”. My opinion is exactly what prevents them from playing soccer. This is partly true for us. Too charismatic leaders in soccer cause subconscious rejection. 

At the same time, I want to note that collectivism in soccer does not play the only important role. There is a sports component (the physical form of the players, the skill level of the players and the coach, etc.) The accident also plays a big role (rebounds, injuries, referee mistakes, etc.). Soccer is developing in the direction of increasing the role of the sports component.

Why did Brazilian soccer reach maximum heights in game No.1? Because the European understanding of collectivism is genetically mixed with the outstanding physical abilities of their African ancestors.

For people who play soccer, it’s a hobby, a life, a future, or a profession. For everyone who plays it, it definitely means something. In professional soccer, we will find not only fans of this sport, but a real soccer player for whom soccer is life, the job with a very high salary and thousands or even millions of fans who believe in them and their victory on the field.

Thus, for me, soccer is one of the best and most popular sports of our century, as well as of the past. The struggle on the field brings up the strong spirit and body of the players. 

Soccer teaches you how to work and learn to behave properly in a team. It teaches you how to work for a team and teaches you how to work for yourself. Therefore, I play soccer – it makes me stronger and improves me as a person. I recommend playing soccer to anyone who wants to succeed in life, learn how to work in a team, earn well, become famous and glorify themselves, their team, and possibly their country in the future.”

Recovering From a Soccer Training Session

The sports world is exciting yet challenging due to the overwhelming stress, muscle injuries, and inflammations. If you strive to perform like Cristiano Ronaldo or Diego Maradona, it’s necessary to learn how to recover after the game or training session. Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform excellent results on a pitch.

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