Scorpions South

FC Boston Regional (NEP/NEC) teams are organized and managed in 6 regional development centers throughout the state. Select the region below that is closest to you to learn more. 


The New England Premiership


Our regional development teams will participate in the NEP. The New England Premiership (NEP) is a new Club-based league for clubs throughout New England focused on player development. The NEP will create a superior player development environment by ensuring the appropriate numbers-a-side per age group - U9's and U10's will be 7v7, U-11’s and U12’s will be 9v9, U13’s and U14’s will be 11v11. The League will also work to acquire the highest quality of referees (the NEP is also looking to add a referee mentoring program) and establishing superior dialogue between club officials and referees to develop this side of the game.
The New England Championship (NEC) is a standards based league focused on player development and game day environment while providing teams and clubs a pathway into the NEP.
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